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FY2008 - 2010 are actual values.
FY2011 is estimated*.
FY2012 is the President's budget.
FY2013 is projected.
*FY2011 ends Sep 30, 2011
Why these ranges are meaningful:
Change FY10 - 12 represents a comparison of the President's budget with the last FY that has actual values.
Change FY08 - 11 analyzes the reaction of budgets to the financial crisis. To many, FY2008 represents the last "normal" budget prior to the financial meltdown. FY2011 represents the most recent budget.
Change FY11 - 12 is inherently misleading because it compares the FY2012 budget to an estimated number.
Data courtesy of Office of Management and Budget.
The President’s FY2012 Budget Proposal:   We’ve put in the effort to provide you with a meaningful way to analyze the proposed budget.
Take a look around, and be sure to read the notes on the left.  Please feel free to adjust the filters, cell labels, and controls to focus on your specific interests!  Have fun.
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